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Please check back often as we will be adding other manufacturers whose golf grips could have a big impact on your golfing enjoyment and scoring.

Just so you know, we are a fan of the leather grips from Grip Master, they remind us of the grips on our very first set up clubs.

If you are a golf club manufacturer and feel your product should be listed and make an impact in the enjoyment and scoring for senior golfers, please contact us. Click the "Write to Us" links either at the top or bottom of this page.

Senior Golfer Equipment - Golf Grips

Senior golfer - Golf Grips

Having the proper golf grip, not how you hold the club, can have a huge impact of your golfing enjoyment and scoring. The golf grip is your contact with the club, if it feels the least bit awkward you won't have a good feeling when you are ready to make your swing. There are many different styles and choices to select from. We will try to narrow the options for you by highlighting grips that we have found to be a positive influence on our own golf game.

We are searching for golf grips that will help especially if you find that it sometimes just hurts to hold and swing with regular golf grips.

Some of the manufacturers for you to select from include;

Items are listed in alphabetical order.

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