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Please check back often as we will be adding other manufacturers whose golf grips could have a big impact on your golfing enjoyment and scoring.

Just so you know, we are a fan of the leather grips from Grip Master, they remind us of the grips on our very first set up clubs.

If you are a golf club manufacturer and feel your product should be listed and make an impact in the enjoyment and scoring for senior golfers, please contact us. Click the "Write to Us" links either at the top or bottom of this page.

Senior Golfer Equipment - Golf Balls

Playing the golf ball that best is suited to your swing and playing ability can go a long way to improve your score. Check out some of the balls we feel could be a big help to lowering your score and increasing your enjoment. ****

Some of the manufacturers for you to select from include;

Items are listed in alphabetical order.

Golf Balls Revealed

Golf Balls Revealed

Would you like to take 7 strokes off each game they play without tricks, gimmicks, new clubs, lessons or the latest in nano-technology?

Learn the strategies to which ball can leverage your current swing into longer, more accurate drives and smoother "dead on" chips and putts.

Get the latest on new technology that is being used in todays golf balls. What really makes the difference in newer balls and how to know if the they really can live up to their claims.

Find out which affordably priced (DIRT CHEAP) balls outperform premium "top shelf" balls such as the Pro-V1 from Titleist.

Discover a simple process that deciphers what features truly are important and which ones make absolutely no scientific or real world sense.

With this book you will learn how to separate the facts from the fairy tales that are produced by marketing hype. Sure, all balls are not created equal but which ones are worth the money and which ones would leave you better off playing with a practice ball from the driving range?

How does your swing speed help choose the proper ball for you? If you aren't hitting at speeds like a PGA pro (I sure don't) then the balls they are using probably won't be the best for you.

Read the Bonus Chapter (Worth over $97) That describes in easy to read detail nearly every popular ball on the market today, and consumer (aka: NO BS) reports on each one.

Which ball your favorite pro uses (And why)... Don't expect to see Tiger on the links with a ball from the putt-putt place down the street!

What the dimples do!! Oh, and how... Also, what dimple shape lends to the most accuracy and speed.

Can certain ball types help with slices or hooks?'s inside

How do USGA rules affect golf design... And you.

Which "pro endorsed" EXPENSIVE balls don't come anywhere near to living up to their price? (And have the power to make you look like a complete "golf moron" while you're out on the course)

Are golf balls designed for women actually different than golf balls designed for men? Yes, details are inside...

Are there golf balls designed for the better player who wants more distance than a wound ball but also demands spin and feel... Ah yes and it's in the book.

Order the book today and find out which ball will take strokes off your score card.

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