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Check out our recommendations for good books that could help your golf game and allow you to get more enjoyment from your round of golf. One key concept to remember is that you have to read the books and put into practice any tasks you wish to improve. Simply buying the book doesn't help.


Golf Etiquette Quick Reference. A Golfer's Guide 
to Correct Conduct

From: Larry Janis, the senior golfer

Fitchburg, MA - Yves C. Ton-That, a rules official and best selling golf author, has written a new booklet called "Golf Etiquette Quick Reference. A Golfer's Guide to Correct Conduct".

For more information please check out - Golf Etiquette Quick Reference. A Golfer's Guide to Correct Conduct.

The Draw Blueprint

The Draw Blueprint - Order yours today!

“If you learn to draw the ball just like a pro, will it really add at least 17 yards to your shots?”

Well, in 1981 Golf Digest Magazine did an extensive test into the differences between a fade and a draw. They setup a driving machine to swing at 90 mph which is an average swing speed for a 5 to 10 handicapper. Then they set the driver at 1 degrees closed to produce a draw and 1 degrees open to produce a fade while keeping the swing angle and angle of attack the same for both shape of shots.

For more information on the results and how you can add distance to your shots please check out - The Draw Blueprint.

Ultimate Short Game System

Ultimate Short Game System - Get Yours Now Here are only a couple of the topics covered...

Teaching You the Putting, Chipping, Pitching and Bunker Play Techniques That Will Allow You to Be 100% Consistent - All the Time - PAGE 13

Choosing the Correct Equipment for Maximum Results, assuring you are taking advantage of current technology- PAGE 30

Picking the Best Shot for What Situation You Are In, minimizing your risk and maximizing your reward, SAVING YOU SHOTS- PAGE 39

For more information or to get your own copy, Click Here for more information!

Senior Golfers Guide

Banana Putting Hi, this is Larry. If you want to improve your golf scoring and stop those ugly three putts this book can help. It is well written and the concept of getting the ball into the hole is easy to understand. We are using the steps outlined by Paul and are writing lower scores on our card. You can too!

For more information or to get your own copy, Click Here!



Senior Golfers Guide

Senior Golfers Guide Seven top qualified golf teaching professionals have put together the most comprehensive Golfing Guide, dedicated only to you, the Senior Golfer.

We show you, in detail and with plenty of illustrations, how to compete with those yougsters - even if you're a new Golfer.

During our research we spoke to many Senior Golfers, and most of them complained that the golfing resources available on the internet are for younger golfers only. In fact, many of the so-called 'golf improvement books' require twists and turns of the body that are difficult for Seniors to achieve. This has led to a lot of frustration amongst Senior Golfers - but not anymore.

To learn more... Check out the Senior Golfers Guide.

Sports Nitrition Guidebook

Sports Nutrition Guidebook - Buy it Now!

Boost your energy, manage stress, build muscle, lose fat, and improve your performance with the all-time best-selling sports nutrition guide!

Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook will help you make the right food choices in grocery stores, restaurants, drive-throughs, and your own kitchen.

Whether you’re preparing for competition or simply eating on the go, let sport's leading nutritionist show you how to get maximum benefit from the foods you choose and the meals you make. You’ll learn how to eat before exercise and events as well as how to refuel afterward for optimal recovery.

To find out more, click Sports Nutrition Guidebook.

I Golf, Therefore I Am - Nuts.

Swing Machine Golf - Buy it Now!

Finally, a book that delves into the warped and obsessive mind of today’s golfer. Whether your idea of golf is an occasional round with fellow duffers at the local muni or frequent forays to far-flung courses in search of the perfect round, you’ll identify with this book like no other.

Popular golf humorist George Fuller will have you laughing as he makes light of the idiosyncrasies of otherwise sane people who are addicted to this holy, wholly frustrating game.

To find out more, check out what we thought about I Golf, Therefore I Am - Nuts!.

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