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The Draw Blueprint

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The Draw Blueprint

The Draw Blueprint

“If you learn to draw the ball just like a pro, will it really add at least 17 yards to your shots?”

Well, in 1981 Golf Digest Magazine did an extensive test into the differences between a fade and a draw. They setup a driving machine to swing at 90 mph which is an average swing speed for a 5 to 10 handicapper. Then they set the driver at 1 degrees closed to produce a draw and 1 degrees open to produce a fade while keeping the swing angle and angle of attack the same for both shape of shots.

Take a close look at the results from this test in the diagram below...

The Draw Blueprint - Order yours today! Statistics Used In This Diagram Come From The Test “Golf Digest” Did In Determining The Differences Between A Fade And A Draw.

The differences found between a fade and a draw were HUGE as the drawn shots averaged 233 yards in carry and roll, the fades only 216.

Remember the test was done in 1981 and how technology has moved forward since then.

The lower flying draws also rolled further than the higher-soaring fades, 16 or 17 yards compared with less than nine for the fades – because the landing angle was less severe. But the draws also carried further than a fade, an average of 217 yards for the draws and less than 208 for the fades.

Hopefully this scientific evidence has shown you that it’s entirely possible for you to gain at least 17 yards in distance simply by learning to draw the ball. And from our experience of golfers who’ve changed from a fade/slice ball flight to a draw ball flight, this 17-yard increase in distance is conservative, very conservative!

For more information and start drawing the ball like a pro - check out the Draw Blueprint web site.


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